Research Assistant ▪ Tots on Bots ▪ August 2015 to May 2016

This research project is an ongoing effort to provide mobility to disabled infants. Pioneer3 MobileRobots are used with Wii balance boards, allowing the child to move in the direction they shift their weight towards. Research is cross-departmental, headed by Sharon Stansfield (Computer Science), Carole Dennis (Occupational Therapy), and Hélène Larin (Physical Therapy).

As a research assistant to Professor Stansfield, I worked on refining the software that the Pioneer3 robots use, and to improve efficiency. I also worked on our newly purchased PowerBot (MobileRobots). In addition, I assisted the PT and OT departments in recording and leading research sessions.

Research Assistant ▪ Arena ▪ August 2015 to January 2016

This research project, a Spanish language learning video game, was developed by Professor Nathan Prestopnik, and is in its third iteration of development. Its creation was inspired by the concept of playing Skyrim in another language, and how through gameplay and NPC communication a player could learn this language.

I worked with the team as a whole, as well as in small, focused groups. I focused on game design, including plotlines and developing immersion in users. I also worked in Phaser to mock up new versions of dialogue with NPCs, including transitions and vocabulary mini games.